Santo's Party House

Swingin' Utters

The Copyrights and The Have Nots

Sep 25, 2010
Doors @ 6:30 PM
$14.00 Adv
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When discussing the Swingin’ Utters, “punk revival” takes on a unique meaning. It is not so much that they are reviving punk, so much as using punk to revive ailing genres such as folk, country, and barroom shanties. They profess a “proletariat roots and blue-collar attitude,” and they display in the way they dig into their riffs. With releases on Fat Wreck, TKO, BYO, and New Red Archives, they have won over most of the punk universe, and their prepping for the launch of their new LP Here Under Protest in September.

Irreverence pours out of every note played by The Copyrights, the snide power punk upstarts from Illinois. Short and to the point, their tracks are humorous takes on human folly, with titles like “Shit’s Fucked” and “Grown Folks Business,” coming out on albums called Songs About Fucking Up and Learn The Hard Way.

No one wears their agenda on their sleeve quite like the aptly named Have Nots. Their politically charged lyrics depict the emotional lives of the working class over heart-pumping ska that leans heavily towards street punk. With dual guitarist/vocalists at the helm, the Have Nots represent Boston with the fury that the East Coast longs for.

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