Santo's Party House

Future Insomniac: Tah Phrum Duh Bush and Coole High

Aug 18, 2010
Doors @ 7 PM
$10 Adv
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From paradoxical labyrinth of culture that is Flatbush comes a rapper whose style is dedicated to delving into the human psyche via a vicious rhyme and impeccable delivery. With iron lungs, cleverly selected beats and intellectually advanced subject matter, Tah Phrum DUH Bush is poised for recognition as a leader in forward-thinking hip-hop.

Melding a love of music composition, literature and cultural critique, Coole High is a brilliant lyricist encased in an eclectic set of beats. The jazz and funk influence is unmistakable, but his use of electronica has made him an underground leader. His dense lyricism defies his laid back delivery. With lines like “Son, spit your germs on the iron worm,” he triggers a double-take and then an epiphany in the listeners that recalls golden era hip-hop’s best rappers.


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