Santo's Party House

S!CK : White Ring , Blissed Out, Shams and Von Haze with Pictureplane DJ Set, XMOFOX (S!CK,#top8), Becka Diamond , Aaron K (#top8, FILTH), Cool Hand Luke (TRIFELIFE, Superchief, Entree), Jermaine Jagger

Feb 3, 2011
Doors @ 8 PM
$10 Adv
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There is much talk now of the collective malaise fermenting around apocalypse theories, building to a climax due 12/21/2012, which has been exploited for the sake of books, movies, marketing, music, just about everything except for an ill post-goth dance party. To fill the void (void-house?) comes S!CK, in tandem with the Sentimentalist Magazine , postulating a bill with magick beats and okkult sound trickery. White Ring headlines the bill with their droned-out nether realm resonances punctuated with spare drums. Von Haze's textured and unnerving synth-based nightmare pop is the perfect compliment to our urban deathscape. Rough Trade's Blissed Out employ haunting keyboards and demented samples propelled by percussion that nods to grime and drum 'n bass. Also taking place will be one of the infamous"okkult performances" of Shams, a dark dance pioneer known for coining the term "witch-house," whose music is the devious perversion of minimalism, early house, and modern pop. An impressive line-up of forward thinking DJ's, including the inventive Travis Edegy (Pictureplane) and downtown visionary Anton Glamb, will provide a steady feed of soul twisting jams for your grinding or gazing pleasure.

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