Santo's Party House

SPENCER'S GIFS with Ital (Live Set), No Bra, Carsten Nicolai, and Blondes (DJ Set)

Sep 23, 2011
Doors @ 11 PM
$5 before midnight/$10 after
Ital is the new dancefloor oriented solo project of Daniel Martin
McCormick (of Mi Ami, Black Eyes, Sex Worker). With 2 sold out 12"s, a
much loved collab with LA Vampires, a recent performance at PS1 and a
euro tour in the fall, Ital is making waves with his infectious and
deranged house-inspired tunes.

A member of the music group Signal, Alva Noto aka Carsten Nicolai, uses art and music as complementary tools to create microscopic views of creative processes. His interest in sound and its physical qualities may be inspired by his childhood obsession with bats, whom as a child he believed he could communicate with. Resettling in Berlin in the early 1990s, Nicolai founded the experimental music label Noton as a platform for his conceptual and experimental musical concerns. In 1996 this was to become Raster-Noton. Nicolai transforms sound by looping oscillators and tone generators. He does not use sequencers, but edits his work to give his compositions rhythmic structures. Clicks and glitches are not used as ornamental additions to the compositions but make up the essential rhythmic and harmonic elements of the work. He frequently samples electronic information transmission sounds such as fax tones, modem sounds and telephone pops and clicks are sampled and organised, among other overlooked sound sources.Nicolai has recently written an opera, Sparkie: Cage and Beyond, in collaboration with Michael Nyman.

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