Santo's Party House

Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black

plus No Bra and Youthquake (+ Youthquake video premier)

Mar 31, 2013
Doors @ 7 PM
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The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black is the brainchild of artist and performer Kembra Pfahler, whose do-it-yourself ideals have shaped both the band’s sound and their iconic visual style, and from whose solo performance work and ‘Super 8’ films the group organically formed. The band originally was in fact initially conceived in an effort to soundtrack these early performances in a manner befitting their highly theatric nature. One part high fashion glamour, one part cult horror film archetypes, this group has etched itself deeply into the New York underground, all the while continuing to follow Kembra’s rules of anti-naturalism and availablism to push them forward. Using only what is on hand, the group is able to create complex and compelling performances filled with low-tech props and minimalist costumes. The brightly painted girls of ‘Karen Black’ complete the equation, walking into the performance with confidence in their stiletto boots, high contrast black and white costumes, blackened teeth, and two foot tall fright wigs; aware that they are the most visually stunning and alarming creatures present.

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